What is
Streams of Hope?


The name “Streams of Hope” comes from the Bible. God reclaims His lost and dying world by giving us the water of life–the only thing that can satisfy and bring renewal. We believe that by combining resources and creating programs that specifically target the needs of our community, we can be a conduit through which the stream of God’s blessing flows.


Mission & Vision

We exist to demonstrate God’s love and foster sustainable change through services that build relationships, meet family needs, and promote a healthier community.

Our Background

Streams of Hope is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization following the model established by the Christian Community Development Association. As a longstanding organization in our community, we have continually sought to plant the seeds of positive change in our neighborhood and demonstrate God’s love in a tangible way.

And what does our neighborhood look like? The Townline area of Southern Kent County is home to a resilient population—families who work hard to provide for their children and want to make their neighborhood a safe, thriving area. Our community has needs that far outweigh the resources of one person or organization, however. That’s why Streams of Hope utilizes existing resources and creates new partnerships to empower men and women, care for students, and foster healthier families.

We are blessed with a 6-acre campus that houses our Food Center, community garden, offices, and recreation space for programs right in the heart of the busy Townline neighborhood. We invite you to stop by for a visit and meet our team in person!

Staff & Volunteers

Creating positive change in our neighborhood takes a whole team. We are blessed to know many people who are passionate about investing in our community!

George Banks

Marc Decker

Ron Douma

Jim Grooters

Paula Guikema

Sue Harkema

Paul Holtrop

Judy Nahs

Barb Nauta

Sandi Nicely

Fayth Steensma

Heidi Vanderlaan

Board of Directors

Craig Courts Vice President

Craig Fredricks Director

Paul Holtrop Executive Director

Evan Hordyk Director

Dave Owen Director

Lori Wiersma Director

Leatha Roberts Director

Jennifer VanDyke Director

Andrew Tazelaar Secretary

Keith VanderWeele Director

David Vanderlaan Director

Terrie Visser Director