$1 Million
Economic Impact

One million dollars – that’s our economic impact on this neighborhood in the last year. Wow!

What began as a small ministry 13 years ago has blossomed into a robust nonprofit today. We are blessed with over a dozen partner churches, many businesses, and over a hundred volunteers, serving 600+ neighbors each month with a variety of empowering programs.

As we look forward to new endeavors in 2020, we ask for your help to continue serving this community.

Training Entrepreneurs

Valarie was dreaming of her own exercise and wellness business, aimed at serving “the everyday woman” with approachable physical fitness expertise. She enrolled in Spring GR’s entrepreneurial training hosted at our campus, where she was inspired, encouraged, and empowered to make her business dream a reality! Valarie also won the first prize Spring GR award and received $3,000 towards her business, VSJ Fitness.

Meeting Needs

Mariah and her two young sons received nutritious supplemental groceries from our Food Center. While trying to balance her job as a nurse aid and caring for her boys, who had each recently undergone heart surgery, Mariah was struggling to pay for the rideshare needed to get to and from work. Minutes after we reached out to a partner church about the issue, a neighbor volunteered a bike so that Mariah could ride to a job closer to her home.

Mentoring Young Adults

Momo started out as a shy young man looking for a safe place to play, do homework, and spend time with his friends outside of school. Three years later, he has grown into an amazing leader who volunteers with our middle schoolers. Momo has experienced the loss of two close friends, and the youth mentors George and Marshe Banks have helped encourage and support him through it all.