After renovations, with appliances.

We here at Streams of Hope offer a wide range of programs, many of which rely on the kitchen as an invaluable resource. Although we had an on-campus kitchen, it was originally built in ‘82 and was in dire need of a renovation to facilitate programs.”

We asked for your help, and thanks to your generous contributions, Streams of Hope was able to begin the project! We teamed up with Turning Point Missions for general contracting expertise, and almost a year later, the kitchen was finished!

“We are so grateful to our friends at the Peter C. and Emajean Cook Foundation who generously supported this project,” said Director of Development Sandi Nicely. “This is our first gift from them and we hope to maintain a long term relationship with them. The Cook Foundation is responsible for many projects throughout Western Michigan with a focus on Christian organizations making an impact in the community.”
She continued, “Peter C. Cook would often say, ‘I believe one of the reasons I’ve been so greatly blessed materially is to be able to help people and organizations that need help.’ ” What a wonderful sentiment, and we are grateful to see it in action!

After renovations, before appliances.

According to Paul Holtrop, the new kitchen was a huge improvement “for both style and practicality.” On top of the updated look of the kitchen, other exciting features include a second microwave, a dishwasher, and working drawers and cupboards. The kitchen is also ADA compliant, complete with accessible countertops, sinks, and appliances.

Not only does the kitchen look great, the transformed space will continue to promote growth within our community. The kitchen has already been utilized by our Cooking Matters class and a volunteer group after a work event. In the coming months, the kitchen will host several events throughout the holiday season.

Thank you all for your contributions and support this past year! We feel so blessed.

We invite you to see the new kitchen for yourself and explore our programs and volunteer opportunities.