As middle school students transition from adolescents to teenagers, they begin to face new problems. These issues can be difficult for those who have neither the setting nor vocabulary to express their feelings. This is where Streams of Hope’s “Real Talk” program comes in. Our bi-weekly program provides a safe space for students to freely discuss issues teens face today. The sessions typically consist of a lesson, an activity, and of course, some drinks and snacks.

During one of our sessions this past summer, we saw a movie about Samson from the Bible. By highlighting Samson’s mistakes, the students learned the importance of living God’s way.  

The students then wrote hurtful things people say/do to them, and the hurtful things they say/do to other for an activity. We then used a clean white shirt to symbolize our true identity in Christ – purified and guilt-free. To end the session, Pastor Ron Kool from Hillside Community Church spent time talking to the group, answering questions about God from the kids.  

The transitional period middle schoolers face is a crucial period for their development. It’s a difficult and confusing time, and our hope is to help guide students through our Real Talk program.

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