Streams of Hope derives its name from the idea of streams prevalent throughout the Bible. Scripture depicts water as symbols of cleansing, redemption, and hope. We related this idea back to our community by flowing streams of blessings in the Townline neighborhoods through various programs, one of these being our Food Center.

The Food Center provides supplemental food to families. We currently serve 450+ families in our community, each family taking home a grocery cart full of food each month. Estela Duran has been coming to our Food Center for about three years. We spoke to her last week about how the Food Center has touched her life. Estela’s family consists of her husband and 7 children, as well as her mother. With a big family like hers, the Food Center has been an excellent resource to support their day to day needs. Especially with 7 kids in mind, Estela appreciates the healthy options available: “They don’t just give you food, they care that you eat healthy as well,” she shared. But it’s not just the fresh vegetables that keep her coming back.

“I tried going to a different place, but I just wanted to go back!” she said with a light chuckle. What made Streams of Hope so special to Estela? “The ladies here are so amazing,” and she repeated, “Amazing! They’re like my emotional family.” Aside from the Food Center itself, Estela has received overwhelming amounts of support from Streams of Hope. She cites team members like Barb Nauta that makes her experience with us here so valuable.

Estela likes to pay the Food Center “back in prayer,” but if you are able to give monetary donations, you would be benefiting hundreds of families just like Estela’s. Click here to donate.