“We’re helping people connect with each other in their own neighborhood,” says a silvery voice on an early July morning. Friendly and assured, this voice belongs to none other than Paul Holtrop, the Executive Director here at Streams of Hope. The host of the occasion, Phil Tower of iHeartmedia West Michigan Weekend, describes Streams of Hope as a non-profit organization that “plants seeds of positive change through neighborhoods.” It’s an impressive claim with a nice sentiment, but Paul provides concrete examples and incredible statistics to support this mission statement throughout the radio segment.

Be it through our Community Garden, Food Center, tutoring, mentorship, or other programs, Streams of Hope has touched “600 families every month.” Despite our already-wide reach, Paul Holtrop and other members of Streams of Hope team encourage even more activity within the community.

During this time of year, “when the weather gets nicer, people are more likely to come out on the porch or take a walk down the street and that’s when we have more opportunity to get to know our neighbors a little bit more, and find out how we can help each other,” Paul explains.

Listen to the full interview online below (beginning at 20:00) to learn more about Streams of Hope, our programs, and the gifts we have been blessed to receive to sustain growth in our community.



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