At Streams of Hope, we are all about health. No, we’re not a local gym, but we do truly care about the wellbeing of our neighbors. We want to be a community that is healthy in body, mind, soul, and spirit. We offer a range of health and wellness activities to help neighbors care for their physical health, and we’re excited about upcoming opportunities this spring and summer!



We love this class because it really gets everyone up and moving – and having fun! SimplyFit is a series of low-impact exercise classes led by a certified instructor from Spectrum Health. We offer this program at various times throughout the year, typically on Tuesday mornings.

We just finished a SimplyFit program that ran from January 16 – February 20, and it takes place right in our Streams of Hope activity center.

“We had another great turn out at our Spectrum Health Simply Fit class,” shared Barb Nauta. “We had an average of 8 to 10 community members and NOW program participants enjoying a great workout with Kim DeLaFuente, our community health Educator from Spectrum Health.”

We would love to have you join the next SimplyFit class! To get more details and register in advance, contact Barb and Fayth.


Eat Healthy, Be Active

This program incorporates good practices for making nutritious meals as well as staying physically active. We are grateful to Spectrum Health for once again partnering with us to create this program. It’s not impossible to stay healthy – it just takes know-how and discipline! This class provides a great opportunity to learn alongside your neighbors in a safe environment.

Interested in a healthier you? For more information, contact Barb and Fayth.


NOW Program

NOW stands for “nutritional options for wellness”. This class teaches good eating habits that lead to great health. The best part is, all of the nutritional meals you learn how to cook can be created with items from our Food Center!

Moreover, the NOW Program is designed for those inidviduals with specific chronic diseases that have significant dietary restrictions, like those with diabetes or cardiovascular or renal disease

If you qualify and would like to learn more, please contact Fayth.


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