We are so grateful for the many partnerships that benefit Streams of Hope. Deputy Stuart is one example of how community members from all backgrounds and professions are getting involved in developing our neighborhood!


Gaines Township Community Policing Officer, Kent County Sheriff’s Office

by Deputy Krystal Stuart 


Coming back to my position as the Gaines Township Community Policing Officer, I was looking for ways to meet members within our community. At the beginning of 2018, I began partnering with the Streams of Hope Food Center. It has been a great opportunity to work alongside with such caring people while assisting others in the community when times get tough in their lives.


From the start, I noticed the great selection of fresh produce Streams of Hope offers! From veggies and fruits to herbs and refrigerated items, it was prevalent to me that Streams of Hope cares about what types of food members of the community were receiving when they entered their Food Center. I am also able to witness firsthand how members of the community were selecting the fresh options over can goods and snack food.


Earlier this year, Deputy Stuart visited our After School Program and talked to the kids about how law enforcement serves our community. Our kids had plenty of questions and were very respectful.

Streams of Hope goes above and beyond by selecting recipes that community members can take with them that match the fresh options available to encourage cooking. I have come away on multiple occasions having learned new cooking techniques and recipes from members of the community! They have been eager to share these with me due to the fresh options they have access to that gave them new experiences with cooking and eating.

To some members, having these items available to them has created a new hobby and interest in cooking which gives their family members good quality options to eat.  The partnership that Meijer has with Streams of Hope is showcased on many levels!


Thank you, Deputy Stuart, for volunteering with Streams of Hope. If you are interested in getting involved, click here. And if you’d like to receive stories like this one straight to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter.