How do we mentor and teach young adults? How do we encourage them to believe in themselves, to work hard, to chase their dreams and passions? How do we equip them to achieve? A new program at Streams of Hope does just that!

A recent cooking activity at the Achievers class teaches “life skills” to local high school students.

Streams of Hope recently launched an after-school program in partnership with the Grand Rapids YMCA.  This great opportunity for both Steams of Hope and the YMCA has already made great impact in the youth that we serve.

The program, called Achievers, is focused around equipping high school students with key life experiences/training, tutoring and college preparation, job training, mentoring, and biblical world view discussions. There are five pillars to this program:

1. Academics

Academic self-efficacy and enrichment of opportunities

2. College knowledge

Admissions readiness, college options, and securing financial assistance

3. Positive relationships

Adult mentorship and peer interaction

4. Life skills

Positive behavior, self-management, and personal responsibility

5. Positive identity

Positive future, contribution, and support


Learning to achieve together.

But what does equipping students to be achievers really look like?

Recently, our leader Jeff Agnew had volunteers from a local church come and start showing the young men how to cook.  They were blown away!  They were exposed to different way to cook and bake with simple things found within their kitchens.  Now, these young men are able to make some simple meals for themselves when needed at home.  More cooking and baking classes are planned in the future to continue to develop their skill in the kitchen.

We are excited about the Achievers program! Is your student interested?  Contact Sonya for more details.

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