We made it! Happy New Year, neighbor!

2017 was a year full of excitement, challenges, and some change. We’re sure your own family has gone through ups and downs this past year, and we are so grateful for a loving and supportive community that walks alongside one another in times of need.

In 2017, Streams of Hope was blessed to be able to –

  • Graduate adult entrepreneurs from our Spring GR business startup training and host our first alumni gathering with enough graduates to warrant new business proprietors networking with each other
  • Expand tutoring program to include more assessment for math skills, reaching a new all-time high with over 80 students
  • Offer health and wellness classes to foster healthy lifestyles in our neighborhood
  • Dramatically expand our Health Clinic to include many more services along with access to free flu shots, screenings for eye-care, mental health, blood pressure, diabetes, mammogram and dental appointments
  • Reach more new patients with our Wednesday afternoon medical services
  • Begin a pilot program for high school students in collaboration with YMCA with curriculum that extends well-beyond recreation, including objectives for academics, college prep, positive relationships, and life skills
  • Add Kelloggsville CRC as a partner church
  • Grow healthy food with 16 neighbors through our Community Garden
  • Gratefully receive 10 grants, including gifts from Bank of America, HarperCollins, and the Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Read more about these programs and how to get involved here!

What’s on the horizon for Streams of Hope in 2018?

  • All of the above, plus…
  • Introducing a pilot program for VITA – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance – in collaboration with the United Way.  This will bring free tax-return service to our neighbors and tax credit monies to the community.
  • Inception of 2 new advisory boards to assist our governing board with additional perspective: a youth advisory group and a strategic advisory group.
  • Potential for additional on-site case worker to address the small number of food center clients who are highly frequent visitors.

Our 2018 prayer requests include –

  • More people interested in being consistent prayer partners
  • Advisory groups are popular and well-launched; leaders are blessed with wisdom
  • Food clients continue to recognize the value of other programs that are available at SoH
  • Partner churches will find unique ways to connect with Streams of Hope for urban ministry


On the cusp of 2018, there’s a lot of unknowns about the future. We don’t know exactly how our community will continue to change and grow or what new needs will surface. But one thing we can be sure of is having friends and neighbors to count on! Together, we are truly making healthier schools, families, and neighborhoods.

Thank you for supporting this ministry throughout 2017. Here’s to 2018!