This is the story of a local family, the Hosteters, who have experienced a tremendous life change through their involvement at Streams of Hope. We are blessed by their testimony and hope that you will be, too!

by Shannon Hosteter


Chad and I first moved to Kentwood about 4 years ago with our kids Angelyn and Reilly. I was a stay at home Mom at the time because my husband Chad was working third shift and we only had one car.

Because of the hours he worked and the kids’ school schedule there wasn’t much time leftover for me to find a job to work with the schedule we had. Things were tough, and Streams of Hope got us through quite a few rough spells when it was hard to get groceries.

Not sure exactly how the idea came about, but I started customizing cadet style hats using flowers I made from men’s ties to try to help bring in some extra money. I started doing craft shows which is how I first met Hanane, who owned Blooming Deal Consignment at the time.

I had a craft booth set up at the Grandville vintage and blueberry festival. A friend of mine introduced Hanane and I, and she offered to start carrying my hats in her store. We’ve gone on over the years, getting to know each other better. I’d stop in to see if any hats sold and rotate what was there, putting in fresh new colors.

This September was just like any other day; I’d added new hat colors to my selection and I stopped in to see what she’d like me to put in the store. At the time I had a full time job so I was trying on clothes. Between selections Hanane asked if we’d be interested in buying Blooming Deal from her. After taking a weekend to talk about it together Chad and I decided to see if we could go ahead with it. I’m still not sure how things managed to fall into place, we sure hit a few road blocks in the process but somehow they worked out and we were able to purchase the store.


We are so excited for the Hosteter Family and their new endeavor! Support them by shopping at Blooming Deal Consignment, and support more families just like them by donating to Streams of Hope. 

Are you a budding entrepreneur like the Hosteters? We invite you to join us for the spring 2018 semester of Spring GR entrepreneurial classes held at the Streams of Hope campus! Click here to learn more.