by Barb Nauta

Collecting donations at Cornerstone Church.

With so much occurring today that is negatively affecting community families, what can one church do? A whole lot, apparently!

We are so grateful for our community partners – churches, businesses, and other nonprofits who partner with us to serve this community. One example is Cornerstone Church, a neighborhood congregation that has chosen to be deeply invested in their community. This July, they helped provide for our Food Center with a congregation-wide food campaign for Streams of Hope!

We were so blessed in receiving several pallets of food and $4,310 deposited to our Streams of Hope Feeding America account.

Donations ready to be delivered!

We are grateful for the generosity and kindness of Cornerstone’s congregation and staff. They are amazing in helping to fight hunger in our local community!

Cornerstone Church partners with Streams of Hope in so many wonderful ways. Their generosity helps us bless over 450 families in our community.

Since we opened in 2012, Cornerstone Church has continued to play a huge part with our Streams of Hope family and community families.  They have been involved through community food drives, monetary donations, volunteering, and sending “voluntour” groups to visit our campus. Cornerstone Church, led by their community outreach director Tracy Bowers, has also helped with the expansion of the Hand2Hand program at Bowen Elementary School. They have been a true inspiration to many community families, convincing others to get involved!

Building a healthier community, creating lasting relationships, meeting families needs ,and promoting sustainable change are key to the success of Streams of Hope.  Cornerstone Church’s continued generous support allows us to promote God’s love and fulfill our community’s mission.

Everyone at Streams of Hope sends a special and sincere thank you to our Cornerstone family.  We cannot be successful without all of you!

Thank you Cornerstone!