by Alexandra Douma

For the last 7 years, “The Streams of Hope Pantry” has been a consistent topic of conversation among our family. It started with my grandparents, Ron and Norma Douma, and has trickled down 4 generations. Many of our family members have been involved with Streams of Hope in one way or another, and I love that I, too, get to be a part of it.

Grandma and Grandpa started working at Covenant CRC’s food pantry in 2005. They both helped in the distribution at church as well as doing food pickups at Buist and Feeding America. As the years went on, the need became greater than what the church could handle. In 2011 when Streams of Hope opened, they both had a hand in helping it get started.

As a family, we have always heard stories about Streams of Hope. At all our family gatherings, they would share how God was working both in the clients that came through the pantry as well as in the behind the scenes provision. They always had papers with statistics to show what was going on and how many people God provided for that month. It was exciting and inspiring to hear, and the passion they had for Streams of Hope was contagious.

There are currently 4 of us volunteering on a regular basis. But to date, we have had 21 family members help in one way or another at Streams of Hope. Some areas include helping with driving the food truck, grounds cleanup, photographing the groundbreaking ceremony, surveying the property, building and installing cabinets, collecting bags, and volunteering time, money, and food. Even the great grandkids have been involved with stocking shelves and tithing their chore money.

I know Grandma and Grandpa are very proud of all of us for being involved at Streams of Hope. But we also have a reason to be proud of them. It’s inspiring to see them spending their retirement doing Kingdom work. I’m proud to be a Douma and to be part of a family that values servanthood.


We are so thankful for families like the Doumas who go all-in when it comes to being involved in their community. To volunteer or find ways to serve, click here.