Program leader Miles Colago

Program leader Miles Colago at the World Cup Summer Readers Camp

Summer at Streams of Hope was busy!

While many enjoy an easier schedule in the summertime, at our community center, summer can be the busiest time of the year.  Kids are out of school and looking for something to do, the community garden is active, there are more recreational activities, plus the usual property maintenance.  And the nice weather means that many more people are outdoors, creating more opportunities to meet our neighbors.

Our World Cup Readers program operated for the sixth time this year.  This is a great chance to interact with both neighborhood kids AND their parents.  Every Monday night throughout the summer, kids gather at the Streams of Hope campus for summer fun – and some well-disguised learning.  At the end of the evening, kids and adults alike are fed supper; the smell of grilled hot dogs and burgers enticing them to stick around and visit awhile. 

Program leader Miles Colago is passionate about creating opportunities for students to explore seemingly “opposite” worlds – combining sports and reading for a healthy and fun experience!

“What makes World Cup Readers enjoyable is seeing the enthusiasm of the kids for not only playing soccer, but also talking about stories that they’ve read,” explains Miles. “This combination of the two worlds, athletics and academia, has worked to break down the archetypes of the jock or bookworm. Kids are learning that they can be both.”

As an added bonus, Miles speaks Spanish, enabling him to help some of our neighbors better understand the developmental opportunities that are available at Streams of Hope.

Our summer-time connectivity will no doubt fill our educational and recreational programs this fall!


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