Our campus looks pretty beautiful, if we do say so ourselves. But how does it get that way?

We’ve got 6 acres of rolling lawn, a community garden, flower plots, trees, bushes – and somehow, in the months when it’s not all covered in Michigan snow, it stays beautifully manicured. Actually, we know exactly how it stays that way – through the hard work of our landscaping community partners:

There are a lot of ways to get involved at Streams of Hope, and one of those is in-kind gifts from local businesses. The lawn manicuring services provided by these partners is a generous blessing to us, and enables our campus to provide a safe, beautiful place for all sorts of activities.

In spring, our flower boxes bloom and welcome new visitors. In the summer months, our beautiful lawn is covered with students at our World Cup Readers summer camp. In fall, neighbors are harvesting from our community garden, and the winter sees huge snowdrifts that need to be plowed so that clients can visit the Food Center. Through it all, these partners keep our campus functional, safe, and beautiful.

Ellen Mulder is one of four owners of Everett’s, a business which has been working alongside Streams of Hope since the beginning. Everett’s has assisted in putting in the baseball diamond and the soccer field, both of which are amazingly popular with our student programs.

“This is where we work and play and live,” says Mulder, “so we kind of feel like it’s our responsibility as well. It’s our home.”  As a business, the people at Everett’s are passionate about investing in their neighborhood, especially for the young children that are often seen on our campus.

“Streams of Hope is a great, friendly place to come to. It’s so well-rounded,” explains Mulder. “It’s not just a building – they’ve incorporated so many services with that, including the after-school programs. A safe place for kids to come and hang out – that’s just got to give parents in the area a lot of comfort. There’s not only a space, but it’s a well-maintained space.”

Why does Everett’s choose to support Streams of Hope over so many other worthy causes?

“We can send a lot of money to organizations, and they can do a lot of good. But this impacts where we live, and there’s a need right next door,” says Mulder simply.

Another partner, Little Bits, provides items like mulch and top soil to keep our grounds in top shape.

“Little Bits Landscape Supply feels very fortunate to be based in a community that values loyalty and community support, and we try to help out whenever we can,” shares Kati Gray.  “Streams of Hope is a fantastic organization that strives to not only help people, but to raise the bar for what this community can become when people ban together to raise expectations and lend a hand. Little Bits shares in that vision of excellence, and it is our honor to help provide supplies to this great organization.”

Jack’s Landscaping first got involved through their client Sandi Nicely, who is the Director of Development at Streams of Hope.

“As a business we’ve been blessed,” says Bruce Vander Vennen, President of Jack’s. “And as part of that, we want to give back to the community.”

How does providing lawn service to Streams of Hope support the Townline community?

“We’re partnering with Streams of Hope to help keep their costs low,” explains Vander Vennen. “Anything they don’t have to pay for will save them money and they can put their donation money into serving people that really do need help.”

We want to say thank you to these partners for keeping our campus safe and beautiful. Is there an area your business can get involved at Streams of Hope? Contact us for more information on ways to help!