When 40 SME employees gathered for a relaxing day on the golf course this August, they weren’t just having a good time – they were supporting the work of Streams of Hope! All proceeds from the outing went to support our math and reading tutoring program that serves over 65 local students.

“I’ve heard the Townline area called the ‘forgotten corners.’  The financial and family situation demographics break my heart. Churches reach long and far to evangelize and build communities, but this opportunity to serve is right in our backyard and should not be overlooked.”

That’s Lou Northouse speaking. He’s a neighbor, a partner, and a longtime Streams of Hope supporter. And through his nomination, we have recently received a generous donation from his employer, SME.

SME is a national engineering and consulting business with offices in Grand Rapids, MI. Every year, they choose to donate the proceeds from their company golf outing to a local charity. Northouse is a senior consultant and regional office manager for SME.

“Each year, one of the offices gets to choose a charity to support,” explains Northouse. “When I suggested Streams of Hope, the outing organizer was thrilled to support an organization dedicated to work with families and children to build healthy communities.”

But what does an engineering business have in common with a community center like Streams of Hope? For SME, it’s all for the purpose of investing in their neighborhood. They recognize the importance of giving back and supporting their community in any way they can. Additionally, they are excited to support our educational tutoring program. SME employs bright minds, and they also enjoy investing in them.

Northouse says, “Our corporate vision includes working together to help build and revitalize our world for generations to come. We believe Streams of Hope’s mission and vision to ‘foster sustainable change’ by community development wonderfully parallels SME’s vision.”

As the school year begins again, we are grateful for generous partners like SME that are choosing to provide resources for our students. We rely on a wide network of business and organizations to support the work we do in this community, and we recognize that it is truly a team effort! To receive an unsolicited donation like this one is a huge blessing.

“Thank you for blessing our community,” says Northouse. We say the same to you, SME!