We are community-focused. People-driven. Small-town and tight-knit.

We value people over things and long-term change over short-term solutions. We care about personal testimonies, stories of change, and real hands-of-Jesus hard work on behalf of our neighbors. We thrive on being personal and deeply involved with each visitor to our campus.

So why spend time and energy on a new website?

We believe that this new website – which looks pretty awesome, if we do say so ourselves – is the perfect tool to help us partner with you and serve our community better! It gives us the ability to streamline our processes, stay connected with volunteers, reach out to clients, and explain the heart of our organization, all in one place.

How does a website do all that? Let’s take a look.

1. Real-time updates – What’s going on at Streams of Hope on a Wednesday afternoon? Will the thunderstorm cause outdoor kids’ activities to be postponed? Find all this information easily on our new site calendar to help keep your scheduled aligned with ours! Additionally, click on the shortcuts to Facebook and Instagram to follow us on social media, so you can keep up with our news on-the-go.

2. Stories of transformation – One of our favorite parts of our new website is the News & Stories section. Here, we’ll be updating you with stories of life change for visitors, passionate volunteers, the announcement of new programs – allowing our partnership with you to be a close, personal one. God is doing amazing things through Streams of Hope, and we don’t want to keep the good news to ourselves!

3. Easy, secure online giving – We cannot do what we do without the financial support of partner business, churches, and community members! This new donation platform is secure, easy-to-use, and easily accessible from anywhere on the website.

4. Simplified volunteering – One of the easiest ways to get involved at Streams of Hope is to serve on our campus. Do you enjoy working with children? Have expertise in entrepreneurial training? Want to learn more about our Food Center? We want to invite you to volunteer with us!

5. Get in touch – First of all, check out our good-looking staff and see who’s on our team! Then, click on any name to contact us directly. Or if you don’t know where to start, fill out the simple online contact form – no email address required. We can’t wait to hear from you!


So what are you waiting for? Explore the new website and let us know what you think.

We are looking forward to enabling greater involvement in the Townline community with the support of tools like our new website. Plus, on a personal note, it’s got so many nice pictures of students, volunteers, partners, and clients. And like a proud grandparent, we can’t help showing off the people we love.