A recent Streams of Hope program called Ladies Lunch welcomed over a dozen local women to our campus for a day of pampering to demonstrate the tangible love of God to our neighbors.

For Deborah Chadbourne, sometimes community outreach looks like getting your nails done.

At the recent Ladies Luncheon event at Streams of Hope, Deborah and 14 other women from the Townline Community were pampered with a free lunch, child care, manicures, painting activities, and an uplifting message from a guest speaker. Co-hosted by Hillside Church, the event brought a much-needed respite to local women and gave them a space to fellowship, relax, and re-energize.

“Women in the community could spend time on themselves, leaving stress and problems behind,” says Paula Guikema, Program Coordinator at Streams of Hope. “It was beautiful to see women supporting each other and enjoying their time together.”

This event was a truly a community effort. At Ladies Lunch, the women received lots of goodies to take home that were all donated from local partners. Their treats included tote bags from Little Orange Scooter, Real Life Devotional Bibles For Women from Zondervan, and flowers from the Mossels and Sandi Nicely.

“That was a wonderful luncheon!” said Deborah. “I had such a good time – I made a painting and before this I didn’t think I could do something like that. I made some new friends that day.” Deborah has been involved at Streams of Hope for the past five years, including volunteering weekly at the Food Center and also participating in the NOW wellness program.

“The activity I enjoyed the most was when they did my nails,” Deborah remembers. “I used to have them done all the time when I was working, and when I became disabled I couldn’t pay to have my nails done anymore. It was nice to be pampered.”

Seven of the women, including Deborah, were interested in forming a Bible study at Streams of Hope to continue their time of fellowship together. Deborah is looking forward to future ladies’ events in our community and the uplifting impact these outreach opportunities can have on women.

“I went by myself [to Ladies Lunch] and everybody was so friendly and so welcoming, they just welcome you with open arms,” says Deborah. “They are so down-to-earth. Everything about Streams of Hope is that way. I’ve gone to other food banks and there’s nothing like Streams of Hope – it’s just wonderful.”



To learn more about Ladies Luncheon and other Streams of Hope programs and events, visit www.streamsofhope.org/programs.