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Food Center Open


After School Program

Simply put, we want to show God’s love to our neighbors in a tangible way.

We are passionate about building up healthy families, schools, and neighborhoods, leading to positive, sustainable change in our community.

Our Partners

Kitchen: Renovated

Although we had an on-campus kitchen, it was originally built in ‘82 and was in dire need of a renovation to facilitate programs. Thanks to your help, we were able to do a remodel!

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Having “Real Talks” with Students

As middle school students transition from adolescents to teenagers, they begin to face new problems. These issues can be difficult for those who have neither the setting nor vocabulary to express their feelings. This is where Streams of Hope’s “Real Talk” program comes in.

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Covenant Faith: Back to School Giveaway

To assist families in our community during this busy time, Streams of Hope will partner up once again with Covenant Faith Ministries for our annual back to school giveaway.

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Wonderful place to go. They are very loving and caring. Wonderful people.




Thank you so much for always having a resource to offer, kind words to encourage, and great food to enjoy.

They welcomed us with open arms. I’m so grateful that we have this community pantry that really, really cares about people.



I’ve been so blessed by this pantry. The staff and volunteers are wonderful. I’m so thankful for this pantry!



The folks at Streams of Hope really care about serving God through treating everyone as a neighbor, not merely an objective.



To my very dear friends at Streams of Hope, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your thoughtfulness, your encouragement, and your love. You have made my life brighter.


I love it here. So very friendly, and they have a good selection [of Food Center items].



I am so grateful for the unconditional love I receive at Streams of Hope.

Streams of Hope has been a blessing. They are an asset to the community. Thank you.

I volunteer for Streams of Hope to bring a light of hope in a world that needs a ray of hope.

I appreciate the people that work here at Streams of Hope. They serve so many people. It’s always a happy environment!

Streams of Hope is always very helpful, especially with my food since my food stamp budget has been cut. They’re great, friendly, and offer many programs.

What a blessing it is to serve our Lord by serving others in our community.

I really like it here. Everybody is so caring, helpful, and patient. I’m grateful that we found out about Streams of Hope, and I look forward to coming back. 

Tell us how Streams of Hope has impacted your community.