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Ladies’ Lunch at Streams of Hope a HUGE Success!

Streams of Hope partnered with Hillside Church to provide an afternoon where women in the community could Spend time on themselves, leaving stress and problems behind.  Women were treated with a free lunch, child care, a speaker, and prayer. They could also get their nails done and make a painting.  They received lots of goodies including tote bags donated by Little Orange Scooter, Real Life Devtional Bibles For Women donated by  Zondervan, and flowers donated by the Mossels and Sandi Nicely.  15 women attended. It was beautiful to see women supporting each other and enjoying their time together.  We used a simple survey card to see what they were interested in doing in the future.  They were all interested in doing something like this again and we had 7 women who were interested in joining a Bible study! It’s great to see God working in our lives and the lives of those in our SOH community.


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There are more than 100 people that routinely serve in some part of the ministry at Streams of Hope. We are very blessed! However, there are a few that are particularly dependable and committed. They are various members of our staff.

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