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Caledonia CRC

Caledonia CRC

We are proud to partner with Caledonia CRC!

We seek to lead people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, a deeper fellowship, and fruitful service.
In fulfillment of this mission we seek to be a church in which…

  • …people are eager and excited to gather each week for a time of worship in which God is glorified and the believer blessed. (Worship)
  • …authentic life changing community is experienced by every individual (Fellowship/Community)
  • …every individual, regardless of age or spiritual maturity is being taught and trained with the message of the Bible (Learning)
  • …individuals are regularly coming to a saving faith in Jesus Christ through the witness of the church and its members (Witness)
  • …every believer has discovered his or her spiritual gift and is putting them to use in fruitful service for the Kingdom of God (Service)
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About SOH

THE REASON WE EXIST... To demonstrate God’s love and foster sustainable change through services that build relationships, meet family needs, and promote a healthier community.

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